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What to do when medical negligence interferes with your recovery?


If you have been the victim of medical negligence, on the part of either public or private health care services, then help is at hand and could be a lot easier than you think. The big problem nowadays with health services is the sheer amount of people in need of medical help and the huge deficit the NHS is facing. This can sometimes lead to gross miscalculations in treatment and recovery practices that can have a serious affect on patients.

If this sounds familiar, you may have suffered medical negligence. Here are a few things to remember and a possible path of action to see you put right and compensated.

Know you’re not alone

Firstly, this is the most important fact. A huge number of patients suffer as a result of medical negligence. Far from being a rare occurrence it happens a lot more than you think so knowing you are not on your own when seeking advice can and will make the whole ordeal less daunting.

Seek professional help and guidance

There are a great many private lawyers and solicitors who handle medical negligence claims on a regular basis. Getting in touch with one of these should be the first pro-active step you take to get your case seen to, starting you on the road to compensation. Intimate knowledge of medical law will not only comfort and guide you through this difficult time but also to help build a strong case.

No win no fee

Many solicitors operate a no win no fee policy with private cases against public institutions. If you are put off by the amount of money you may have to pay upfront, then don’t worry. Your case will be assessed and usually taken on free of charge with a final bill presented to you should you win the case. There is absolutely nothing to lose in this scenario as if you don’t win, you don’t pay.

Institutions are not all-powerful

One big mental barrier that you may come across when deciding to take on a giant such as a public health institution is the belief that they are all-powerful and infallible. This is simply not true. Whilst they may have more money than you as an individual, they are subject to strict laws of practice and procedure and breaking those laws comes with a heavy penalty.

Health institution budgets

Along with the previous point, many public and private health institutions set aside a percentage of their budget to deal with scenarios like this. Far from being omnipotent and unable to lose a battle against a patient, this sort of case does happen – and with increasing regularity.

This means you can build your case with confidence that both medical law and your solicitor will be on your side.