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What is appliance warranty insurance?

What is appliance warranty insurance?


You have probably noticed that whenever you buy a new appliance for your home, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty against defective parts or the way it was made.

Since there is a time limit on any such warranty – and one that invariably expires on the eve of something going wrong with it – you might also consider taking out an extended warranty offered by the manufacturer or a service plan to take you beyond the initial period of warranty.

Appliance warranty insurance goes one step further by insuring your appliance against breakdown or failure. It is not just a service plan or one that is limited to the initial period after you have purchased the item, but with some providers, a formal insurance contract – and one that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, with the recourse to compensation if something goes wrong.


Most home have a whole range of different appliances – from central heating boilers to air conditioning units, from cookers to washing machines, and all manner of music centres and televisions.

All may suffer a breakdown or electrical or mechanical failure – usually at the very worst moment.

Appliance warranty insurance gives you the protection and peace of mind in knowing that, in the event of such a breakdown, help is on hand, 24 hours a day via a dedicated helpline – or increasingly these days, online via a social media site.

The response

In response to your call for help, a fully trained and qualified engineer, from a countrywide network of approved agents, may be despatched to your home to repair the faulty appliance, installing any replacement parts that might be necessary.

The engineer who comes to your door is not only properly qualified for the job, but is also likely to have been thoroughly screened and CRB checked for your additional peace of mind.

Some appliance warranty insurance providers – such as KAPUT – even promise to replace the broken appliance (up to set limits) if it has not been possible for the visiting engineer or off-site workshop to repair it.

Not only does a qualified engineer come to your door, but you may also find that there is no call out charge to be paid and there may be no excess to pay on your insurance claim.

The appliances

Appliance warranty insurance may cover not only those items you bought as new, but also those which you might have bought second hand or even given to you by a friend or relative (typically, up to a maximum age of, say, 8 years).

What is more, with some providers the insurance may be extended to include a whole bundle of the many types of different appliances found in the average home.

By putting together as many as ten or so of the most critical appliance into the same insurance package, cover may prove even more cost effective and you have the peace of mind in knowing that if any one fails or breaks down, then someone will be out to fix it at a moment’s notice.

There is likely to be an overall limit on the amount you may claim for each individual appliance, but there may be no limit on the claims you make under the package as a whole.