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Travel safely


Whether you are on holiday or making a business trip, travel abroad generally comes with a sense of excitement and adventure. That’s not to say you might also be wise to ensure that any spills or mishaps along the way are safely covered.

One of the easiest and most straightforward ways of giving yourself a reliable degree of protection, of course, may be to arrange travel insurance, through providers such as Bengo Travel. Specialists such as these may also be able to tailor your cover to suit your particular holiday or business needs.

Single or multi-trip?

You might, for instance, want to choose your cover according to whether it is for a one-off single trip or whether you want to give yourself all round protection with an insurance policy that lasts the year through, no matter how many trips you might make.

Not only is annual multi-trip insurance likely to give you the reassurance of continuing cover throughout the year, whenever you my need it, but it may often be generally better value for money than a series of single-trip policies.


One of the important considerations when arranging insurance for your travel plans, of course, is likely to be the ability to tailor the cover to meet your particular needs and requirements.

You may find, for instance, that some providers offer varying levels of cover or include additional protection as a standard feature of some policies. An annual multi-trip plan, for example, may incorporate free cover for your winter sports holiday or offer various options relating to the maximum duration of any one trip or holiday.

Flexibility is also likely to be offered in respect of the destinations to which you are planning to travel – whether limited to Europe, North America or worldwide, for example. Some travel plans might include free cover for your children if they are accompanying you on your trip.


Travel insurance has come a long way in recent years, with the result that the range of products is more specifically tailored to particular needs.

Depending on your chosen mode of holiday or business trip, therefore, you might want to narrow down your search according to:

  • long stay cover – for those trips where you may be away from home for a significant period of time (on business or visiting distant relatives, for example), perhaps up to 18 months duration, depending on the insurer;
  • insurance for backpackers – essentially self-explanatory, including plans that range from the bare minimum of cover (if you are wanting to cut the cost of travel) to more comprehensive schemes;
  • cruise insurance – where onboard medical care or even an airlift from the ship may be an important consideration;
  • winter sports insurance  – similarly self-explanatory, but something you might consider essential protection against the particular risks involved in your enjoyment of such sports; and
  • track events – some insurers even offer packages specifically designed to cover the special risks involved in visiting European racing circuits on which you may have decided to try out your driving skills.

In sum

In sum, therefore, whatever the length, duration or purpose of your holiday or business trip, these days you are likely to find cover that is specifically designed to meet your particular needs.