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Tips on classic lorry insurance

Tips on classic lorry insurance


By some definitions, any lorry over 15 years old is described as a ‘classic’.

Whether you agree with that or not isn’t perhaps the key issue because the point is, some insurers will see them as such. That in turn might mean you face a challenge finding appropriate classic lorry insurance.

Even if you do find cover, you might sometimes also encounter a combination of eye-wateringly expensive premiums and/or multiple severely restrictive conditions.

If that’s the case, some of the following tips may prove to be useful:

  • if you have a classic vehicle, shop around for insurance cover rather than simply give up. True, some insurance providers may show little or no interest in older lorries while some might simply say ‘no’, yet others, particularly specialist brokers, may welcome your interest and offer attractive options covering classic lorry insurance;
  • try to find an insurance provider who actually knows the domain – i.e. older or classic/vintage/antique lorries. A generalist who is taking your enquiry under sufferance might be unlikely to find you appropriate and cost-effective cover;
  • don’t accept seemingly totally illogical conditions and restrictions. Examples might include not being able to drive on weekdays, on motorways or only offering third party, fire and theft cover as opposed to fully comprehensive. Such restrictions are sometimes included by policy providers who just aren’t fully aware of the nature of this sort of vehicle and who perhaps also aren’t hugely interested in such business.

Of course, it is perfectly legitimate to compromise on aspects of your vehicle’s use if, as a result, it means you’ll benefit from a reduced premium. Experienced classic lorry insurance providers might offer reductions for, or sometimes require things such as:

  • reducing your forecast annual mileage. Typically, there’s a valid association in the minds of many insurers between higher mileages and higher accident risks;
  • avoiding (or restricting) the use of your vehicle for real transport of goods for hire and reward purposes. This might be very suitable for people with genuinely vintage vehicles used only for show, demonstration and personal use. However, it is also possible to find cover for real ‘live’ use of such vehicles on a regular basis if you need it;
  • not including young or inexperienced drivers on your policy or your premiums may rise considerably. That will also typically hold true for anyone with motoring convictions on their licence;
  • as some vintage trucks may be highly attractive to thieves, if you’re able to find a secure site or warehouse to park up your vehicle overnight, then it might help to keep your premiums down;
  • you could ask a provider if they’ll offer a lower premium in return for you taking a higher excess (the amount of any successful claim in future that you’d pay yourself. It’s sometimes referred to as the ‘first part’ of a claim);
  • not taking your vehicle outside of the United Kingdom or perhaps in some cases, not off the UK mainland (typically excluding Northern Ireland, the Scottish Isles and Isle of Wight etc.

The good news is that it should be perfectly possible to find cover that meets your needs and at a price you believe to be reasonable. Just make sure you’re dealing with an experienced professional in classic lorry insurance.