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RHA rejects scapegoating of HGVs

Recent headlines in the Evening Standard newspaper claimed that Britain’s roads are in a worse state of repair than in countries such as Ecuador, Malaysia and Namibia. When it comes to the condition of our roads, the UK is ranked a lowly 27th in the world. How has this been allowed to happen and who [...]

How to save money on your HGV Insurance

Every little helps when it comes to controlling your overheads, reducing your operating expenses and thereby increasing the profitability of your haulage business. Haulage insurance is likely to be one of your major ongoing costs, so saving money on it may prove to help the financial health of your business more than a little – [...]

HGV insurance considerations

As with any motor vehicle of course you need insurance in order to drive it on the roads or use it in any other public space. Despite this legal obligation however, there are still a number of important factors to take into account when you compare the HGV insurance available. So what are some of [...]