Home Insurance How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium by Installing the Right Safety Devices
How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium by Installing the Right Safety Devices

How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium by Installing the Right Safety Devices



There are a number of factors that help you determine the cost of auto insurance. For instance, how frequently you drive your car, your place of residence, and the type of car you drive help determine the cost insurance. You may enhance your personal safety and protect your investment by investing more towards safety products and devices.

Consider few of the must-have features while purchasing a new vehicle:

1. Using onboard diagnostics for evaluating driving habits

The behavior of a driver can be easily tracked with the help of Telematics. Instances of hard-braking and rapid acceleration are easily monitored with such technology. Information like this can help an insurer understand how you drive on the road.

You may even be able to achieve quality discounts on your premium under any of the usage-based plans. All instances of fast acceleration, hard braking, and the average driving time are taken into account while determining the premium cost.

2. Installing an engine immobilizer

Consider using anti-theft systems like the engine immobilizer as it commands your vehicle with an electronic code with the help of a key fob or smart key. The code in your car engine needs to match up to the code mentioned in the key in order to get the engine activated. However, you mustn’t forget that t might be tough and expensive to get the key fob or key replaced. At times, you might only need to hire a qualified locksmith for replacing the same.

3. Incorporating ignition device

Fuel-disabling devices are very effective in preventing instances of theft by restricting the system activities, ignition, and fuel consumption temporarily. The warranty may turn void if you try installing them on your own. It’s in your best interest to hire a certified technician for installing these devices. You may even achieve a few quality discount offers for installing non-factory devices.

4. Installing a GPS tracking system

A stolen or lost vehicle can be easily tracked with the help of advanced tracking systems. Besides acting as theft barrier, it will certainly help in increasing the chances of recovering your vehicle. The present location of a vehicle can be easily tracked with the help of a satellite navigation network. Besides determining the direction and speed of a vehicle, it’s stopping and starting points can even be tracked with the help of GPS systems. By installing such systems, you’re bound to look less risky for the insurer. Make sure that your security systems are installed by a certified professional.

5. Choosing tires that match the seasonal conditions

Pick a few durable tires that fit in with your vehicle just like you choose new footwear matching the needs of the season. In some places winter tires can save you money on your auto insurance quote as these tires are meant to stop immediately on slippery roads besides improving traction. You must install a few certified winter tires before the occurrence of the seasonal snowfall. Get them removed when the milder weather is back. Both the performance of your vehicle and your overall car handling gets improved after the seasonal tires are installed.

You must get in touch with a broker and ensure that you save more after installing safety devices. Your investment can help you cover more distance smoothly and safely.