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How to Compare Car Insurance Online without getting the worse protection?


It is absolutely clear that nowadays we can get the cheaper Insurance Online in less than 10 minutes, but when we have a problem with our car, we will have to wait at least 10 hours to get the first answer.

1) Branding Recognition: We need to start with a comparison of not all the companies, but only with the ones that we know or our family or friends recommend to us. This is important because when we ask for a quotation online we receive in average more than 30 answers from different companies. If we only take into consideration the good ones, our work of choosing the best one in a relationship money/service quality will be more easy, fast and efficient.

2) Selecting by lowest Price: Now that we have implement a segmentation with the companies offering a good quality service, with should compare directly by Cost. There is not a huge different between companies of premium quality service, so for our car, the cheapest price will be the best option. Remember, do not compare prices of companies with good client service with the ones that offers poor or not service at all, because you will be tempted to choose the wrong one.

3) In countries like Argentina, Brazil, México, Colombia, etc., where we offer Insurance Online the relationship between Price / Quality is obvious. Less Cost means less or not quality service. With our experience, we always recommend not to go with the higher price, but to make an average and select the cheapest insurance but from a good recognized company, like for example: Mapfre, Allianz, Liberty, Royal & Sunalliance, Mercantil Andina, El Norte Insurance, La Meridional Chartis AIG and Victoria Insurance.

The goal is to get the cheapest insurance between the great Insurance Companies out there. What is more, for example, in Argentina, where it is the country in the world with more traffic incidents (for each citizen), your Car Insurance is not only mandatory but also a “lifesaving”.

To sum up, taking our time to look in the Internet in order to save money in our Insurance is an excellent idea, but be careful, as we do not know everything about the Insurance field, we should take some time to first understand what car insurance coverage include (and what is not included) and then what are the different between one company and other.

Author: Computer Engineer from Catholic University of Córdoba Argentina – Ing. Rennella Christian Co-Founder in Argentina elMejorTrato.com and in Brazil oMelhorTrato.com. Now also in Colombia and México. Specialized in the development of small / medium size Companies in Latin América.