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Find out about insurance for your motor fleet


The internet provides a great deal of information regarding many subjects including motor fleet insurance, if you’re looking for this type of cover spend some time browsing online where you’re sure to find an online broker who has many years of experience in the insurance business. Making a claim is fairly straightforward with the help of the experts, also expect:-

  • A dedicated member of staff and backup support team to give you all the advice you need
  • A choice of repairer
  • Genuine parts used in the repair process
  • Help in recovering uninsured losses
  • A national assessing network

Where to start

The best place to start after you’ve found an online broker you can trust is to ask for a quotation, this is easy to do by completing an application form with your personal details and information about your fleet of vehicles. You will receive a reply by return along with a price and what your policy covers, there are additional options you can purchase for example:-

a) Breakdown cover

b) Windscreen cover

c) Legal expenses

Whatever you settle on you will feel more at ease knowing your valuable investment is in safe hands should anything go wrong.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Be well prepared and don’t wait till it’s too late before buying motor fleet insurance, after all your vehicles are your livelihood so take care of them. Online brokers are waiting for your call if you are new to the haulage business or if you wish to renew your current insurance policy they are only too happy to take your details and supply you with an affordable quotation.

The beauty of taking out one policy to cover your fleet of vehicles is that there’s only one renewal date, this saves time and money for busy owners along with receiving documents by e-mail the same day. Whether you choose third party cover only, third party, fire and theft or a fully comprehensive policy you will have the necessary protection if anything untoward happens to your drivers or vehicles.

Benefits of using reputable brokers

There are many benefits in using reputable online brokers to buy motor fleet insurance from, check out the following:-