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Why is armed forces unoccupied property insurance so important?

If you join the armed services, you typically may not expect to work a 9 to 5 job. What you do reckon on, in addition to irregular hours, is to be called away from home on exercises, other deployments, and tours of duty abroad: the Royal Navy’s official website, for example, explains that tours of [...]

Caravan storage and insurance

Did you know that it might be possible to reduce your annual cost of caravan insurance by looking at professional secure caravan storage providers? The issue Most of us in the United Kingdom don’t need to be told that our wintertime conditions can be somewhat demanding! Storms, gales, rain, ice and snow – we can [...]

Finding business finance

Most businesses require access to suitable finance – and many have an ongoing need for additional funding in order to grow and expand by tapping into new markets, acquiring the assets which may be needed to do just that, or simply to access the working capital required for the daily management of cashflow issues. Finding [...]

Efficient Rental Management Software

If you run a property management company you will be only too aware how difficult it can be to bring everything together efficiently. It’s an area of business with so much to think about at one time, and if you let it get out of hand, it can be very difficult to put everything back [...]

Comparing fleet insurance

For some fleet managers, comparing fleet insurance options is very much a question of looking largely at the price. That’s not surprising. The harsh reality of business life is that every fleet manager needs to keep a watchful eye on cost containment and the amount they’re paying for vehicle or fleet insurance will be a [...]

Why become a lorry driver?

At the time of writing, the United Kingdom has an estimated shortage of some 60,000 heavy and light goods vehicle (HGV / LGV) drivers. Furthermore, as the workforce ages, some estimates put the number of potential retirees over the next few years at 40,000 and as of now, they’re not being replaced. Terrifyingly, there are [...]

Understanding Retirement Plans

As you prepare for your retirement, you want to make sure that you are aware of the many different retirement plans and what they both entail and require. You’ll find that these plans have a lot of different facets, so you need to be well-informed of all the particular details pertaining to the policy you [...]

Types of road traffic accident claims

Road traffic accidents come in all shapes and sizes, from the relatively minor scrape to incidents causing serious injuries or even loss of life. Despite the very wide variety of types of incident, any one may give rise to road traffic accident claims and it may be helpful, therefore, to consider the different types of [...]

Thinking about your winter sports holiday?

If you were asked the simple question about what you most need for a winter sports holiday, it might be reasonable to insist on some snow. Actually guaranteeing the weather is not something you might associate with insurance, of course, but there are ways it might offer some compensation and consolation if the snow fails [...]

Looking out for cannabis farms in your properties

It probably goes without saying that the overwhelming majority of landlords are upstanding and law-abiding citizens. Nevertheless, there are circumstances where even the most careful of landlords might be caught out and find themselves on the wrong side of the law – and their insurers to boot. An illustration of this is in the use [...]