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Caravan storage and insurance

Caravan storage and insurance


Did you know that it might be possible to reduce your annual cost of caravan insurance by looking at professional secure caravan storage providers?

The issue

Most of us in the United Kingdom don’t need to be told that our wintertime conditions can be somewhat demanding!

Storms, gales, rain, ice and snow – we can and often do get all of them. However, while we as individuals can escape to the comfort of our homes and fireplaces to avoid the worst ravages of the winter, our caravans can’t.

If they are standing outside on your driveway or on some hard standing to one side in your garden, they are likely to take a battering. You can, of course, take some steps to protect them by using things such as tarpaulins or hard covers. Even so, the freezing temperatures and particularly the wet are perfectly capable of causing major problems at a moment’s notice – in spite of our efforts to avoid such.

Then there is the related issue of criminal attacks. While our caravans are parked outside our home, the long dark winter mornings and evenings are a great attraction for a variety of thieves and vandals.

It may also be that you are not allowed to park your caravan on your drive – this is happening more and more with new build estates.

Fortunately, there is something that can be done about these things and it involves putting your caravan into storage.

What that means

Caravan insurance providers are, of course, very well aware of the particular dangers for caravans during the wintertime. That is why they are particularly keen to try and offer incentives for policyholders to take extra steps to protect their property.

As a result, if you compare caravan insurance, you may see that some providers will offer caravan insurance discounts if you securely store your caravan when it is not in use. That usually involves using a secure site that is subject to 24×7 security and which may, in some cases, also be inside in order to avoid the worst of the weather.

In order to benefit from such caravan insurance reductions, typically you can’t simply ask someone you know with a large shed to let you park your caravan in one corner of it! There is a nationally registered scheme of certified storage units which meet participating insurance providers’ criteria.

Therefore, if you compare caravan insurance using assumptions both with and without secure storage, you might typically expect to see a reduction in your premium.

Other conditions

On the same general subject, it might be worth noting that your caravan insurance provider might also have certain mandatory requirements in terms of how you secure your vehicle.

You should read the conditions carefully but they might typically include:

  • a formal requirement for using additional security locks and immobilisers to prevent the unauthorised un-hitching and theft of your caravan;
  • requirements for locks that meet tested standards on windows and doors;
  • possibly the use of a burglar alarm;
  • that your caravan is never un-hitched and left unaccompanied on the public highway;
  • that it is only un-hitched and left on approved and officially licensed caravan sites.

These conditions are typically applied in order to protect your best interests!