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Insurtech startup Pluto announces the integration of Babylon Health to give Pluto customers 24/7 GP access and the launch of a new mobile app

London-based insurtech startup Pluto announces two major milestones for the business less than 12 months after launch, in tandem with the launch of a funding round on investment platform Seedrs. Founded by travel lovers and friends Alex Rainey, previously at Accenture Digital, and Harry Williams, an experienced product and design lead, Pluto is on a [...]

Buying a listed building – a quick guide

In England and Wales, some buildings are formally “listed” as being of historic or architectural interest. Scotland and Northern Ireland have very similar, though slightly different, systems in place. Buildings so listed are usually described as being “Category I” or “Category II”. Some Category II buildings have a star annotation, indicating that while they do [...]

Home insurance FAQs

Do I need home insurance? You are under no legal obligation to have home insurance, but there are several reasons why you might need it: you are likely to have invested a considerable amount of money in your home and if it is destroyed – by a fire, explosion or impact from a runaway vehicle, [...]

What to look for when buying let property insurance

Let property insurance is not something that’s more or less identical between policies – apart from the price. There may be very substantial differences between policies and it would be prudent to be sure you know what they are in advance. Discovering some of the points below for the first time when you’re trying to [...]

Why is armed forces unoccupied property insurance so important?

If you join the armed services, you typically may not expect to work a 9 to 5 job. What you do reckon on, in addition to irregular hours, is to be called away from home on exercises, other deployments, and tours of duty abroad: the Royal Navy’s official website, for example, explains that tours of [...]

A buyer’s guide for landlord portfolio insurance

If you own more than just a single buy to let property, you might want to consider the benefits of landlord portfolio insurance. Appropriate landlord insurance is essential, of course, for each one of your buy to let properties, but just as the title suggests, landlord portfolio insurance covers all of them under a single [...]

Caravan storage and insurance

Did you know that it might be possible to reduce your annual cost of caravan insurance by looking at professional secure caravan storage providers? The issue Most of us in the United Kingdom don’t need to be told that our wintertime conditions can be somewhat demanding! Storms, gales, rain, ice and snow – we can [...]

What does landlord insurance cover?

Broadly speaking, there is much within landlord insurance policies that should be familiar to almost anyone who has previously owned a property as an owner-occupier. There are though some important differences and subtleties which we’ll examine here. An important precursor Before getting into the nitty-gritty, it is worth re-stating that, however similar landlord insurance may [...]

HMO landlords’ insurance

If your portfolio of buy to let properties includes one or more Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO), you need to be aware of the warning published by Landlord News on the 28th of September 2017. The article explains that stricter new rules are likely to be introduced for landlords of HMOs this spring requiring them [...]

Motor trader insurance FAQs

Is there a standard definition of a motor trader? The official government website defines a wide range of occupations – which may be pursued full-time or only on a part-time basis – as those of a motor trader: motor dealers, repairers or manufacturers – a category which includes those who collect or deliver vehicles; manufacturers [...]