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7 Animals You Need Pet Insurance For

7 Animals You Need Pet Insurance For


As any pet owner knows accidents and illnesses can happen when you least expect them, and more often than not it pays to be prepared by having pet insurance. Some animals you may not even consider it for, such as hamsters and goldfish, but others – such as exotic pets-  certainly do need it for a rainy day.

Dog Days

Man’s best friend can end up getting into some alarming scrapes sometimes, when escape attempts, open doors and slipped leashes combine with a heady taste of freedom dogs can end up in car accidents or with cuts and bruises. Pet insurance can help you out of these upsetting circumstances and with so many different policies available you’ll be sure to find one that suits you and your four legged friend.

Cats in the Cradle

Cats are highly independent animals and there is no way for you to keep an eye on them all day, with hunters instincts and a constantly curious mind you may find your cat will get into some sort of trouble that requires veterinary attention for at least one of their nine lives! From routine check-ups to emergency surgery pet insurance can give you peace of mind, and with its help your cat may live to be over 20 years old.

Horsing Around

Horses are pretty sturdy animals but one wrong step can sometimes land them in a heap of trouble, so can drinking water too fast! You love your horse and although it doesn’t even come to mind you paid an awful lot of money to buy him, feed him and make sure he has a great life – so why not make sure he’s covered in case of any injuries too? It may just be a sprain but with so much weight being placed on the injury it is always wise to get it checked out, make sure your covered for every eventuality.

Parrots and Parakeets

Long living and intelligent, parrots make great companions who pick up on a variety of tricks, noises and routines very quickly. But birds can be pretty fragile, especially exotic ones so it pays to be prepared and have pet insurance where your feathered friend is concerned. From chills to moulting, strange behaviour to hurt wings you’ll be comforted with the thought that your companion will be well cared for with lifelong pet insurance.

Lounging Lizards

Beautiful to look at with funny ways and quirky habits lizards are a great pet to keep. Though you’re bound to have done research on them before owning one there are still some things that may throw you for a loop – don’t let it throw you out of pocket too, make sure your best friend is protected in case of illness, you can’t be too careful especially if its one of the more exotic breeds.

Running around with Rabbits

Your cuddly critter can certainly be a handful at times but you love him or her anyway. I know that rabbits are always getting up to mischief, especially house bunnies who sometimes like to nibble on things they shouldn’t. Make sure you get yourself set up with pet insurance which can help out with spay or neutering as well as any accidents or illnesses that may crop up.

Totally cool Tortoises

Long lived and hardy these little guys are great fun to keep around the house, attacking fruits with gusto and plodding along in their own merry way. But what happens when your tortoise seems a little out of sorts? They aren’t as easy to diagnose as cats or dogs so you may end up taking more than a couple of trips to the vets, just to get him checked out, be smart and get insurance for ‘just in case’.