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4 Things to Look Out for During a Move

4 Things to Look Out for During a Move


According to recent statistics, an average American is bound to change their home at least 11 times in their lifetime. Everyone who has moved at least once knows just how complicated matter this tends to be. This is why it comes as no surprise how many things might go wrong during a move. With this in mind, here are top four hidden disasters you as a realtor should point out to your clients.

1. The movers fail to show up

A lot of people make a mistake of calling their movers once and then relying on them to be there in time. Sure, this is how things are supposed to work, but it is not necessarily how they will work out. You see a person you talk to on the phone, might forget to note down your request which means that when the time comes for the move no one will show up. This can be particularly troublesome seeing how you might have organized the rest of the move based on their imminent arrival. The best way to handle this problem is to call a few days before the actual move in order to get a confirmation.

2. A box with valuables gets misplaced

The first thing you need to do when packing your valuables is marking the box they are in. Sure, you may not want to write jewelry on the box (for obvious reasons), just make sure you know how you labeled the box. If the box is not particularly large, you might consider carrying it along with you. In a case where this is not an option, you can put a GPS tracker in it and in this way monitor its movement every step of the way. In this way, you can keep an eye on your valuables even from a remote location and be momentarily alerted in a case of an unexpected turmoil.

3. Last minute packing

This particular trap is something that everyone walked right in at least once in their lifetime. Sure, over-packing is always a possibility, but its seriousness mostly depends on whether or not you do everything at the last possible minute. By starting in time, you can easily go out and buy additional packing materials if you run out, find the money for some additional (unexpected) packing expenses and even make up for the time lost due to disorganization. All you need to do in order to avert this is – start packing in time, so it is advisable to take a few days off prior to the move in order to get to do all of this.

4.  Damaged items

Finally, losing items or them getting stolen is not the only problem your equipment might experience during the move. You see, some fragile elements of your inventory might not be that well suited for a long travel by truck, which might cause a serious damage. The best way to avoid this is to pack them accordingly and make sure that the movers you hire are professionals. It might even be a good idea to put a special label on a box with fragile valuables and to point this out to the movers. In this way, you can minimize the risk of this particular box being mishandled.


While some people feel this to be too much work, being thorough with a move in this manner definitely has its perks. Leaving one’s home behind and heading out into the unknown can be terrifying. With this in mind, focusing on these logistical issues and dedicating a serious amount of time to the actual planning of the move might help put your mind at ease. Sure, this may sound much simpler than it actually is, but it is definitely something worth the try.