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Accidental landlords, trace and access cover, and landlord insurance

This is intended not as a ‘scare shot’ article but rather an attempt to highlight a real hole in some types of property insurance cover. It’s called the “trace and access” problem. What is ‘trace and access’ cover? Let’s assume you’re a landlord with appropriate landlord insurance securely in place. You’ve been unlucky and had [...]

Guide to electric car insurance

Due to the relatively new and evolving nature of the Electric Car / Electric Vehicle (EV) marketplace and the insurance to support it, some myths and misconceptions have arisen. Here we’ll examine those myths and debunk them by way of a brief guide to electric car insurance. “Electric cars are exempt from insurance requirements” This [...]

Renovation property insurance

Who knows how the housing market is likely to behave during the time it takes to advertise your present house for sale, attract a buyer, find a new home and complete the rocky road to an exchange of contracts. You might avoid all of those headaches by instead renovating a property you already own – [...]

Tips on classic lorry insurance

By some definitions, any lorry over 15 years old is described as a ‘classic’. Whether you agree with that or not isn’t perhaps the key issue because the point is, some insurers will see them as such. That in turn might mean you face a challenge finding appropriate classic lorry insurance. Even if you do [...]

Common Pitfalls to Avoid As a Landlord

Being a landlord isn’t easy. However, if you do decide that property investment and rental is something that you want to get into, it can be incredibly rewarding. The main point to consider when becoming a landlord is all of the things to get right. There are plenty of forums out there that can give [...]

Save money on your Landlord Insurance

The tax on any insurance policy rises from 10% to 12%, thanks to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s decision in his autumn statement – and reported by the Guardian newspaper on the 23rd of November 2016. Along with every other insurance customer, therefore, at a stroke landlords face a 2% hike in the cost of [...]

What is haulage insurance?

Just a week after the UK’s decision to Brexit the EU, the Freight Transport Association (FTA), on the 2nd of July 2016, identified what it called its top ten “crunch” issues likely to affect haulage contractors over the next few years and beyond as Britain prepares to leave the single market. Amongst the many changes [...]

Do I really need cruise insurance?

There is no law – or any other rule or regulation – that says you have to have cruise insurance. But if you are planning to set sail for a relaxing life on the ocean wave for weeks or even months at a time, it certainly makes a great deal of sense. Travel insurance is [...]

What is haulage insurance?

If you are in the business of transporting your own or other people’s goods by road, you are going to require haulage insurance. Why do you need it? The law For one thing, the law insists that your lorry – just as any other vehicle – has at least the minimum of third party insurance. [...]

What is appliance warranty insurance?

You have probably noticed that whenever you buy a new appliance for your home, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty against defective parts or the way it was made. Since there is a time limit on any such warranty – and one that invariably expires on the eve of something going wrong with it – [...]